RETRO Reimagined



Got some old antiques or cool vintage treasures gathering dust? 

Transform them into a part of this creative universe! Send them in to be featured in an upcoming videos, and don’t worry about the costs –  shipping is covered!

Fill out the form below and make sure to attach 3-5 high quality pics. 

 Pack & post on us


If your goods have a future in film, you'll get a pre-paid shipping label.  Note that your items will not be returned, but their greatness will live on in Brooklyn.

Tell us the story


Look around for that unique antique or vintage item that’s just sitting around.

Scout your 
vintage gems


How it works

Keep your eye out for one-of-a-kind items that can’t be found just anywhere, especially things like:

Eclectic Home Décor: Whether it's quirky lamps, ornate picture frames, or retro kitchenware, if it's got character, we're interested.

Art with a Past: Paintings, sculptures, or any art pieces that carry the essence of a bygone era.

What we're 
looking for

Electronics with a Twist: Think old radios, retro gadgets, or anything that blinks and buzzes with yesteryear's charm.

Fashion Time Capsules: Clothing items that tell a story, from classic leather jackets to vintage dresses that whisk us back in time.

Ready to turn your vintage finds into a part of film history? 

Once you submit the form, I’ll evaluate your treasure. If I can find a new life for your piece, I’ll send you a shipping label and instructions on how to safely pack your item for its journey to stardom.